A local self-diagnosed “Instagram Influencer” says she is currently suffering an existential crisis over the removal of “like tallies” from each post users put on the social media photo sharing platform. No longer showing the exact number of likes that a post receives is part of a trial Instagram is doing in Australia, following a similar recent trial in Canada.

While the trial is designed to encourage everyday users to post more on the platform, local influencer Bianca Palladormo says the change is a “living disaster” that she is struggling to come to terms with. She said, “I know it’s only early days on this, but I’m totally freaking out. I mean, if a post falls into the social media pool and nobody except me knows how many likes it got, did it even fall into the social media pool?”

Meanwhile, social media analyst Lucinda Reynolds believes that Palladormo’s existential crisis is symptomatic of how quickly we’ve all been conditioned to equate social media traction with personal relevance in society. Reynolds said, “Social media is a relatively new thing, but the human race has quickly conditioned itself to use these types of metrics to justify our worth as individuals. When you sit back for a second and actually think about it, the whole thing is really quite odd. I mean, look at you guys at the Bugle, for example. I bet you measure your whole worth as a groundbreaking news service on how many likes you get for each article. It’s pathetic.”