A local dad has somewhat predictably suggested that the bike helmet hanging from the handlebars of a passing cyclist was not doing much good its owner. Craig Knowles made the unsolicited observation yesterday while driving his family down Watsonia Road, after spotting a local youth riding a bike with the helmet dangling from the handlebars.

After his family members showed marginal interest in his comments, Knowles contacted The Watsonia Bugle in search of a more sympathetic ear. He said, “Well, it wasn’t doing much good hanging from the handlebars was it? Me wife and kids didn’t seem too fazed, but that kind of stuff drives me crazy. I mean, he had the helmet right there. If you go to the trouble of leaving the house with your helmet, you may as well wear the bloody thing!”

While Knowles clearly felt passionately about the sighting, he stopped short of winding down his car window and addressing the youth. When asked if he intervened, Knowles said, “Nah mate, it was just an observation really but, you know, he should’ve had that helmet on.”