A local young daughter has failed to issue an all-important spoiler alert while being read Where is the Green Sheep? by her beloved uncle. As reported to The Watsonia Bugle, 4-year-old Watsonia girl Grace Wilson told her Uncle Dave exactly where the green sheep was before he’d even opened the book.

Uncle Dave said, “I was reading a book to little Gracey the other night and she blew the whole plot line before I’d even opened it. I was full devo mate. The author of that book has obviously tried really hard to build the suspense throughout the pages, but I’ll never be able to enjoy that device because Gracey blew it in the first five seconds.”

While Grace was unavailable for comment on the incident, her parents conceded that she had a habit of ruining the fun for others. They said, “Yeah, she’s not one for letting the suspense build. The other day we were playing peekaboo and every time we put our hands over our eyes she just said, ‘You’re right there dad. I can see you.’ Talk about an all-time ruiner.”