A popular cartoon series has been accused of failing to acknowledge the barbaric history of the vikings. While Hägar the Horrible has been a rare constant in the ever-changing world that is the Herald Sun, an ethicist from a local university is claiming that it “trivialises centuries of horrific behaviour perpetuated by the vikings”.

Hagar’s tales of worldwide adventure and domestic struggle have amused generations of loyal Herald Sun readers and comedy enthusiasts, but Professor Helen Taylor is now suggesting that he should be removed from publication in favour of a more ethically responsible cartoon series. She also claimed that, as publishers of the series, the Herald Sun were complicit in this revisionist representation of human history.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Professor Taylor said, “Popular culture has a habit of glamourising otherwise unsavoury chapters in our history and, unfortunately, Hägar the Horrible is the perfect example of this. At no point in the entire series have they ever addressed the harsh reality of what Hägar was doing on all of those so-called ‘work trips’ when him and his stupid mate got on board their boat and sailed away.”