Recently elected Aussie cricket selector George Bailey has been spotted testing out a few outfit options as he prepares to move into his new role. Set to join the National Selection Panel (NSP) at the conclusion of this year’s Big Bash tournament, Bailey has reportedly delved into his wardrobe to see what he should wear on his first day as an administrator.

A source close to the popular cricketer told The Watsonia Bugle, “He’s pretty much spent his entire adult working life in tracksuits and cricket uniforms, so it’s time to dress things up a bit. So far, his favourite option is an outfit he actually wore on the catwalk back in 2007 for some odd cricket fashion show. Who knows? The 2000s were a strange time.”

Meanwhile, local fashion consultant Trevor Daniels is not impressed with Bailey’s attempt to enter the corporate world. Daniels said, “Fashion goes in 20-year cycles, so he’ll need to wait another seven years before that gigantic gold tie, McDonald’s shirt, and scruffy hairdo are back on trend. He needs help. Send him my number.”