A local five-year-old child has experienced an adverse reaction to a temporary tattoo just five minutes after its application. The Watsonian child is attending an Australia Day BBQ in neighbouring Greensborough today and his uncle decided to put a temporary southern cross tattoo on the child’s arm.

Within five minutes of the tattoo drying onto the child’s arm he started strutting around the backyard and verbally challenging every man, woman and child to a fist fight “out the front” if any of them stepped out of line. While the child’s parents were initially shocked, and claimed the behaviour was out of character, they laid the blame squarely at Uncle Rick for tempting fate with a tattoo design that is well known for causing an aggressive reaction from its wearer.

The child’s father said, “What was Rick bloody thinking? The kid had already necked three cups of red cordial, so the last thing he needed was the bogan coat of arms on his bicep.”