A local Uber driver has lost his accreditation after admitting he was giving lifts in a shopping trolley instead of a car. The man, who asked not to be named, had been operating in the Greensborough area for the last two months, allegedly ferrying people home from the local dining precinct.

While it’s unclear how many people took him up on the offer, a handful of local residents have contacted The Watsonia Bugle and told us that the man provided a quality service, was a relatively safe driver, and they are very sad to see him lose his accreditation. One former customer said, “For a bloke pushing another bloke in a shopping trolley, this guy was actually a pretty good driver. I used his service at least three times in the last month.”

Taking a ride in a shopping trolley was previously just seen as a bit of fun, but this mystery driver’s exploits seem to almost legitimise a practice that has been popular amongst casual binge drinkers for almost three generations. Another resident who contacted us said the driver should “go out on his own” and launch as a direct competitor to Uber. They said, “He should just create his own app mate. I’d still use him, the couple of rides I took with him were piss funny.”