A local man, currently having a few of public holiday eve drinks at the Watsonia RSL, has revealed that he’s about two beers away from feeling comfortable striking up a conversation with a complete stranger at the urinal. Rick Hampson came to the realisation during his most recent trip to the bathroom when he almost struck up a conversation with the man standing next to him, but decided he wasn’t quite ready just yet.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about this profound moment of self awareness, Hampson said, “Yeah mate, I mean I’m a pretty friendly bloke but it’s only early on in my drinking session, so I’m still a bit shy around strangers and that. I was pretty close to saying g’day but I held back. Throw two more pots down me throat and I’ll be talking to pretty much anyone who’ll listen in the dunnies. It’ll be grouse.”

A deeply philosophical kind of guy, Hampson also said, “The human ability to interact and socialise is ultimately what separates us from the animals. And the men’s toilet at the local watering hole is the epicentre of human interaction between strangers. That’s why we’re at the top of the food chain mate.”