Everyone’s favourite zoo proprietor, Joe Exotic, is believed to have signed a prominent local endorsement deal to help fund his rising legal costs. The star of Netflix’s hit show Tiger King, Exotic has reportedly signed up to become the temporary face of Tigerair.

An inside source that was close to the deal said that Exotic seemed pleased with the obvious synergy between his growing profile and the name and motif of the airline. Currently incarcerated, and fighting an ongoing legal battle to clear his name, Exotic is also presumed to have been keen for a steady revenue stream.

Meanwhile, local aviation industry consultant Fraser Nelson has told The Watsonia Bugle, “Beyond the obvious tiger-related links between the two entities, there is a clear commonality between Joe Exotic and the types of people that usually fly Tigerair. It’s a bold strategy from Tiger, especially in this current economic climate, but it could be just the thing to get them through this difficult time.”