A recent investigation by a local university has revealed that the majority of Baby Boomers are unaware that the discount grocer Aldi is not actually called “Aldis”. The study, which polled over 5000 Australians to analyse their supermarket preferences, leaves Aldi in a bit of a predicament about how to better educate their customers.

The lead analyst behind the investigation said, “We started off just wanting to learn more about how and why consumers choose their supermarkets, but we soon realised that the industry was facing a much bigger issue. Such a large segment of the market didn’t even know the name of the supermarket that is becoming increasingly popular in their age demographic. They were all saying ‘Aldis this, and Aldis that’ but never actually saying the correct name.”

The outcome has reportedly left Aldi’s head office in a state of confusion, and they are now genuinely considering launching a widespread campaign to better educate the public. An anonymous insider told The Watsonia Bugle, “We thought we’d made some serious inroads into the duopoly of supermarket shopping in this country. And while the sales figures back this up, it’s a bit of an issue that a large chunk of our target audience don’t even know our proper name. Our marketing plan doesn’t normally include this, but we might have to look into becoming the naming rights sponsor of a few things. The current situation is unacceptable.”