A local deep thinker has given Eddie Vedder’s song “Society” a genuine rinsing this week, allegedly playing it close to 20 times since ‪Monday morning‬. Caleb Donaldson claims he’s always liked the song, and was a big fan of Into the Wild, but recent circumstances had really accelerated his willingness to further explore the way the world is headed.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Donaldson said, “It’s a bit of a mystery to me, to be honest. The world’s gone mad, and I can’t quite compute it all at the moment. But for some reason slipping a bit of the old ‘Society’ on Spotify eases my nerves a little. It comforts me like a warm blanket.”

Donaldson also claimed his new favourite song had given him an idea of how to escape the madness. He said, “Look, as soon as we can leave the Melbourne metro area, I might just trek into woods, find an abandoned bus and live there for a bit. Not sure how that will work out in the long-term, but it looks pretty cool. I’d get some good content for my Insta page.”