A local man has claimed that the new Arnott’s Shapes ‘Chicken Parma’ flavour is useless without being accompanying by an icy cold pot of beer. Rampant chicken parmigiana enthusiast Jason Roberts made the pithy observation last night, suggesting to mates in his main group chat that the parma and pot combination is the food and beverage industry’s most potent partnership.

While most of Australia was distracted by the age-old Chicken Parma vs Chicken Parmi debate when images of this new Shapes flavour first emerged late last month, that’s old news if you ask us. And Roberts agrees, revealing in an exclusive interview that we should, “Forget the semantics. The most important thing here is pairing your meal with a drink that will enhance the dining experience. And there’s no more delicious food and drink combo than the Parma and the Pot.”

But Roberts remains uncertain about what the best solution is for finding the best accompaniment to the new Shapes flavour. He said, “I’m torn mate, I really am. As much as I’d love to see Arnott’s release a beer-flavoured Shapes range, I really think you need a liquid partner for both a parma and a box of Shapes. If only I could find a bar that’s open these days and serving tap beer. If only.”