A local bachelorette has controversially shifted her search for a future husband from online dating services to Watsonia Train Station. Seemingly inspired by the widespread coverage of New South Wales woman Leesh Cunningham’s bold shift to Bunning’s as her main source of eligible bachelors, Watsonia local Bianca Lemmens says she’s now putting all of her attention on the fertile hunting ground that is Platform 1… and occasionally Platform 2.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about her left-field strategy, Lemmens said she was “sick of being messed around by players and phoneys on dating apps”, and was now leveraging her small following on social media to publicise her attempts to find love a little closer to home. Lemmens said, “A lot of dating services seem to exist in this alternate reality, so I wanted to get a bit more real in my search for Mr. Right. And there’s nothing more real than Watsonia Station at 7.20am on a weekday.”

While some relationship experts have questioned the tactic, Lemmens insists there’s method to her madness. She said, “You know all those memes and that that say ‘If you don’t love me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best’, well, my worst is very often first thing on a Monday morning after a big weekend. I want my future hubby to see all aspects of me really quickly, and I feel my morning public transport persona is the most direct route to my true soul.”

Lemmens also said she could garner a more accurate picture of a stranger’s persona by sharing a train carriage than mindlessly swiping left and right on Tinder. She said, “You can get a good feel for them fairly quickly. They’re obviously a local, if you travel in peak hour you know they have a job, you can see what kind of dress sense they have, if they are reading something you can gauge their interests, and occasionally you might even catch a snippet of their taste in music. It’s actually not bad.”

And while Lemmens said her new approach was yet to see success, she remained confident of better results in 2021. She said, “Dating is a numbers game. Obviously, those numbers are quite low at the moment due to COVID, but by mid next year I think people will be back on the morning trains in big numbers and my strategy will start to pay dividends. Trust me.”