A self-described “culture vulture” has reluctantly removed the term “Wunderlust” from her Instragram bio, privately conceding that international travel might not be on her horizon for a little while. Rebecca Johnson made the difficult amendment last night, after a few wines with friends and a wide-ranging discussion that eventually led to Australia’s inability to vaccinate a decent chunk of its population.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about editing her social media presence, Johnson said she might even put the Kathmandu backpack away in storage this weekend. She said, “I just love to travel, you know. There’s nothing like getting out there and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and trying new food. Sadly that won’t be something I can really do for the next few years.”

While also conceding that she still wasn’t sure whether the correct spelling was “wunderlust” or “wanderlust”, Johnson said she hoped for a future where the only contractable disease she felt threatened by was bed bugs at some cheapo hostel on the other side of the globe. She said, “It’s hard to get an accurate estimate out of the mainstream media, but you’d think it’ll at least be another two or three years before we can really start to properly travel. So I’m going to have to really change my social media strategy. Are there any snow-capped mountains up in Kinglake?”