A local hangover has been eased ever so slightly by its sufferer working from home during Melbourne’s latest lockdown. Simone Carmine tipped in more than the recommended daily intake of red wine on Sunday night, and woke on Monday morning with a thumping headache and aridly dry mouth.

Eternally grateful that she didn’t have to make the 45-minute commute into Melbourne’s CBD, Carmine heroically still showered before 9am, and then gingerly changed into a fresh pair of pyjamas to settle into the day’s work. Fuelled by a steady supply of lemonade, Panadol and coffee, Carmine laboured through the first half of her Monday, and then fired up the oven for soothing lunch of chicken nuggets and spring rolls.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her ordeal, Carmine said, “It was tough, but it would’ve been a whole lot tougher if I was in the office. I mean, the train trip alone would’ve tipped me over the edge, especially if I had to wear a mask the whole time. Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages, but working from home whilst hung is definitely one of the advantages. Facing the wider world when you’re in the vice-like grip of a nasty hangover is almost more damaging than the severe dehydration levels. So, hiding away inside removes that element of the hangover challenge. I’m all for it.”