A new fencing arrangement around a local council depot seems to have brought an abrupt end to the region’s most popular free mulch supplier. As previously revealed by The Watsonia Bugle, local residents have enjoyed access to free mulch near Kalparrin Lake for quite a few years, but it seems that dream run is now over.

The fence has been erected in the last week, and locals are slowly coming to terms with the situation. One avid gardener, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was not sure where he would now acquire his mulch from. He said, “I guess I had it good for so long, I just can’t bring myself to pay for the stuff now. I’m a bit devo to be honest. I felt like the local community had this nice little unspoken agreement there, but I guess there’s no place for that these days. Everything has to be structured and have rules and regulations in place. It’s a real shame.”

In addition to losing his all-year-round free mulch supply, the local green thumb also said he was not sure where he would experience the same rush now that he couldn’t load up the car at the site. He said, “I mean, deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong. So, it was a bit of a cheap thrill to go and fill the boot of the car up there. You know, I’d go at night, put a beanie on, it was a real event, I loved it. Sometimes, when I was feeling really bold, I’d go in broad daylight. That was a serious rush. I’m just not sure where I can find that same adrenalin hit in my everyday life.”