A local Tigers fanatic is reportedly making sure his phone battery is well charged for tonight’s Watsonia North Primary School production, while also raising thinly-veiled questions about the timing of the performance. Long-time Richmond supporter Nathan Flowers says the double-booking of the school production and the AFL Elimination Final between the Tigers and the Lions is “less than ideal”, and requires some lateral thinking on his behalf.

In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Flowers said, “Thank goodness for the Internet, hey? Not sure what I would’ve done before smartphones and Kayo came along. I’ll be making sure the phone battery is at 100% before I leave home, might even pack a portable charger just in case. Who said blokes can’t multitask, haha.”

When asked how he would disguise his passionate reactions to the first half of the footy, Flowers simply said, “Mate, I’m a Tigers fan. So, I’m used to finals these days. It’s no biggie, seriously. I might not even tune into the game while the school play’s on, because I’m that confident we’ll tidy up the Lions. Haha, only joking… about me watching, that is, not the result. Yellow and black!”