Upset Sanity fans are being encouraged to “Put your So Fresh CDs out” following news the retail chain will be closing all of its physical stores by the end of next month. While the Diamond Valley hasn’t been home to a store for quite some time, many local residents have expressed their deep emotion upon hearing the sobering news.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, avid music fan and Greensborough resident Sarah Mansel said, “It’s a sad day. It really is. I used to spend hours at the Sanity store in Greensy Plaza. It was an institution. I loved listening to the albums on those communal headphones, and then carefully spending a very large portion of my weekly pay on all the latest hot music.”

Asked why the omnipresent So Fresh franchise was the best way to acknowledge the final closure of Sanity retail stores, Mansel said, “Those compilations just had a bit of everything, you know? For example, the Hits of Spring 2001 had Westlife, D-12, Train, S Club 7, Mandy Moore and Dido. Before the streaming era, where else could you access such a diverse range of artists and genres? I challenge anyone who’s now aged between 35 to 45 years of age to tell me they don’t have at least one volume of So Fresh in their CD collection. I think it best captures the ethos of the golden era of compact disc retail.”