Lower Plenty man, Robert McLellan has been left humiliated after an embarrassing incident at a mates place last weekend. A group of mates had gathered to watch some JLT Community Series football, have a few beers, and unwind after a long week at the office. However, McLellan desire to relax in good company and watch some footy was ruined when he accidentally revealed to his mates that he didn’t understand the meaning of the term “kicks like mule”.

As it seems to be a popular and “on trend” phrase for commentators so far this year, McLellan had heard the term during football broadcasts in the early stages of the JLT Community Series. Unfortunately, he thought that it meant to kick poorly, as you would imagine an actual mule kicking a football would be. When an unnamed Essendon player hastily threw the ball onto his boot and it sailed out of bounds, McLellan said loudly, “ah, he kicks like a bloody mule that kid, no good”. Silence entered the room as his companions tried to digest what they had just heard.

Eventually the silence was broken by Wozza who said “haha, you dickhead, ‘kicks like a mule’ means someone is a really good long kick”. McLellan was dumbstruck, and momentarily unable to defend himself against the wave of abuse hurled in his direction. His misunderstanding has dominated the WhatsApp group discussion all week, so much so that McLellan is seriously considering pulling out of Saturday afternoon’s pub session with the boys for fear of further ridicule, this time in a public place.