This morning’s server failure that floored exercise recording app Strava has sent the cycling community into panic, with many riders unsure whether this morning’s commute to work will be officially recorded on their profiles. Macleod woman Rebecca Johnson has been particularly shaken by the outage, spending most of her morning at work vainly attempting to refresh the Strava newsfeed on her iPhone.

Speaking from her inner city office this morning, Rebecca said “I mean why did I even bother riding to work this morning? It’s like that old philosophical saying about the tree falling in the woods… if you ride your bike but Strava isn’t there to record it, did it actually happen?” Rebecca’s comments have shadowed those of many cyclists on social media this morning, yet she seems to have taken the problem particularly hard. “I set goals each month and each year to ride a certain distance. I was really excited about getting a few kilometres under the belt on the first day of the month. This is catastrophic. It could ruin my month.”

Despite near-ideal riding conditions in Melbourne this morning – no wind, balmy air temperature, gorgeous sunrise – it seems many cyclists don’t actually care about the visceral sensation of riding their bikes, they purely do it for the numbers. As Rebecca continued to check her phone at regular intervals, she sighed loudly and said, “If this hasn’t been fixed by this afternoon, I might not even ride home. I’ll just catch the train. What’s the point?”