Widespread suspicions have been confirmed after the BCCI confirmed that Matthew Hayden was employed as a commentator for the current Test Series against Australia solely so the comparison could be made between him and young Australian batsman Matthew Renshaw. Whilst Hayden has been performing a variety of television commentary roles in India over recent years, the BCCI moved quickly to secure his services for this series after the emergence of Renshaw as a new opening batsman for Australia.

Following Renshaw’s Test debut in Adelaide last November, pundits were falling over themselves to draw comparisons between him and Hayden. They are both tall, they both bat left-handed, they both open the batting, they both have a similar batting stance, they are both from Queensland and, wouldn’t you know it, they are both named Matthew. By placing Hayden in the commentary box, fellow commentators now have a get out of jail free card if things get a bit dull while Renshaw is at the crease.

The insistence on recruiting Hayden paid extra dividends when the Renshaw allegedly soiled himself while batting in the First Test of the series. This gave commentators the opportunity to draw parallels between Renshaw’s unfortunate bowel control issues with the aggressive case of haemorrhoids that Hayden battled in the midst of the 2002-03 Australian summer.