A Watsonia man who takes his bike on peak hour trains has become even less popular now that buses have replaced trains between Greensborough and Clifton Hill. Already subject to regular abuse and barely veiled criticism when squeezing his bike onto crowded trains, Rob Turner endured a torrid commute yesterday as he clumsily carried his bike up the stairs of a bus and was immediately met with a wave of unimpressed eye rolls. 

As the bus pulled into each new station, Rob’s morning went from bad to worse. The initial passive aggressive comments about his two-wheeled appendage eventually blossomed into direct attacks on his existence on earth. For example, at Rosanna Station a man standing in the aisle not far from Rob said to a fellow commuter in a rather obvious manner, “it’d be a bit more spacious if some people didn’t bring an alternative mode of transport onto the bus with them” before casually yet pointedly glancing at Rob. But by the time the bus reached Westgarth Station, a woman standing just two metres down from Rob yelled, “Oi, dickhead, what the fuck are you doing with a bike on this fuckin’ bus?!”

Rob was so shaken by the morning commute that he spent much of the day considering using the bike for its full intended purpose (i.e. riding it the whole way home instead of piggy backing on public transport for the majority of the journey).