The annual Collingwood Cheer Squad Trivia Night kicked off in a typically pugnacious manner, after the host of the evening shocked those in attendance with his first question. Self anointed Trivia Master, Ken Johnson, took to the stage and grabbed the microphone as those in attendance all stared up at him in expectation. Ken looked out at the audience and said, “what the fuck are you looking at?” 

The opening question of the night was met with a lengthy silence. Ken continued to stare out at the gathered throng before again saying, “well, what the fuck are you all looking at?” 

The evening recovered after this shaky opening, and a fine night was had by all, with valuable funds being raised for the provision of crepe paper, masking tape, and deodorant in the upcoming season. The questions provided just the right amount of challenge, without being unanswerable. In fact, the only question that was answered correctly by all tables was “What is the most common thing said by a father to his 15-year-old daughter?” The answer, of course, was “stop smoking at the dinner table… in front of your kids”.