Following yet another verbal attack from a car driver, Watsonia cyclist Steph Francis has arrived at work from her morning commute, sat down at her desk, and genuinely had a long hard think about whether she should be on the “bloody road” or not. Considering she had been forcefully told to “get off the bloody road” no less than once a week for the last six months, Steph felt it was time to reconsider her options.

Contemplating the question for the bulk of her commute, and her shower in the office changerooms, Steph pondered the notion at her desk for a few minutes before deciding that yes she bloody well should be on the road. Retrospectively analysing the circumstances surrounding the majority of the verbal sprays she had received, Steph concluded that at least 90% of the time she was actually doing nothing wrong. Add to this the fact that riding to work helped to ease congestion on Melbourne’s already jam-packed peak hour commute, the benefit to the environment of adopting peddle power, and the obvious health benefits she experienced from regular exercise, it became clearer than ever to Steph that she was in fact doing the right thing. 

Steph’s conclusion is unlikely to ease hostilities in the ongoing bike versus car debate, but has fortified her resolve for the next time she is told to her off a road she has every right to be on.