Heidelberg man, Rick McMaster has launched a scathing, and somewhat unprovoked, attack on mint chocolate overnight. In a long and often rambling tirade delivered via an open letter to Cadbury, McMaster has taken aim at the niche market who enjoy a bit of mint, either spear or pepper, in their chocolate. 

Whilst often sceptical about the motivations behind sending an open letter, The Watsonia Bugle decided to cover the story after the letter was shared on multiple social media platforms across the country. The philosophical construct of an open letter is flawed. It’s like those annoying Facebook couples that post personal messages on each other’s page that should’ve been direct or text messages instead.

Parts of the letter are unprintable in mainstream media, but some notable excerpts include:

  • As a multi-national company, it is Cadbury’s responsibility to protect our dwindling resources. Putting mint into chocolate is a waste of a perfectly good foodstuff. 
  • Who was the dipshit that said ‘let’s put toothpaste in previously delicious chocolate’?
  • After dinner mints are a horribly outdated concept and an absurd relic of the 1980s.

Cadbury are yet to respond to the open letter but said they would attend to it as soon as possible.