Following the airing of Matthew Pavlich’s interview on Open Mike tonight, Pavlich has revealed exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle that he spent the bulk of the interview fighting the urge to ask Mike a question of his own. Sheahan’s choice of nautical-themed footwear on the hallowed turf of the MCG intrigued Pavlich, enough so that he was tempted to turn the tables on footy’s most notorious question asker. 

Pavlich said, “all I wanted to do was as Mike where his boat was. I know it’s an old joke and that boat shoes have actually become fashionable in some social circles, but I just really wanted to ask him. I’ve heard he hangs out at Portsea a fair bit, but his boat shoes and loud stripey sock combo on national television had me keen ask him a few questions of my own.”

Pavlich’s frank admission about wanting to know the whereabouts of Sheahan’s watercraft was arguably the most notable outcome of an otherwise odd interview where Pavlich felt the urge to prove how cool he was by insisting to the audience that he was an avid binge drinker.