In what can only be described as a chaotic scene, a family function in Macleod has run out of food, forcing dozens to wait for a pizza delivery, and leaving the hosts devastated. After years of over catering for family events, Carol Lemprach decided to prepare a few less dishes for her husband’s birthday BBQ yesterday. According to Carol, “we always end up with heaps of left over food, it’s such a waste”.

Guests were left stunned when the meat supply was exhausted after just over half of the people had attended the buffet table. The salads followed soon after as guests reluctantly turned vegetarian out of sheer embarrassment for the hosts. 

When the salad and bread cleared up minutes later, panic spread through the house as Carol started running around the kitchen, randomly opening cupboards and the fridge door in a last ditched attempt to rustle up some food. All attempts were futile and she eventually conceded defeat by ordering home delivered pizzas. 

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Carol was still visibly shaken by the incident. “I just can’t believe it happened. I always used to joke to friends that there’ll never not be enough food. I won’t be making that joke any more. I’ve lived the nightmare that is an under-catered BBQ.”