Multi-sport superstar Erin Phillips has become the first female guest on Fox Footy’s award-winning show Open Mike, but her dad’s choice of footwear has broken its own ground. Erin’s dad, SANFL legend Greg Phillips, opted for a modern Puma sneaker in combination with a pair of dark blue denim jeans – a look known colloquially amongst the online community as “sneans”.

Following the backlash of host Mike Sheahan’s boat shoes on last week’s show, Greg’s bold fashion statement attracted enormous attention on social media during the airing of the show. General consensus seemed to agree that while such attire may be acceptable in Adelaide, it’s not okay for television. 

Mike Sheahan was reportedly pleased with Greg’s look as it may have drawn attention away from the, at times, awkward questions he asked of Erin. It seemed Sheahan momentarily thought he was interviewing a WAG, not a sporting superstar, as he asked such questions as “did you like dressing up” for an awards ceremony, and “who gets up in the middle of the night to tend to your babies?”