A Macleod man has calmly listened to his elderly neighbour make relatively frequent racist and homophobic remarks during a 25-minute conversation by the letter box. The 31-year-old man, Ben Samuels, nodded slowly throughout the chit chat, choosing not to challenge his neighbour’s outdated and offensive views on the current state of society. 

Speaking after the, at times, awkward conversation, Samuels said “I guess I saw it coming, I mean he’s made a few comments in the past that I’ve just let through to the keeper, but this afternoon he really let fly. He wasn’t happy with Erin Phillips kissing her wife at a public event, and he also made a few broad generalisations about at least three different ethnic minorities. The problem is, once I’d let the first couple of references go unchallenged it would’ve almost been hypocritical of me to pull the old boy up when he starting quoting some unverified source on why women shouldn’t be allowed to marry other women. 

“I would’ve shared my disagreement, but I just didn’t feel like having an argument with a bloke I have to see almost every day while I’m backing my car down the driveway or watering the front lawn. I’m now filled with heavy regret.”