With some media outlets (based in Melbourne and rhymes with “rage”) labelling today as “Super Saturday” in the AFL, it can officially be concluded that the term has been overused. Like many things AFL, the term has been stolen from the United States, a country known for overstating and over hyping things. 

In the past few seasons, the occasional Saturday has in fact been super, with a thick smattering of games which are of great consequence and public interest. However, today’s Round 3 list of matches isn’t exactly a stand out roll call, with the exception of maybe the Showdown game tonight – which rarely garners much interest in the Eastern states anyway. 

Local footy fan Greg Stephens said, “they’re taking the piss a bit with this. What ever happened to under promising and over delivering?” We fear for Greg’s blood pressure during the telecast of tonight’s Dockers vs Bulldogs match when the broadcasters will no doubt try gallantly to fabricate some kind of long-lasting rivalry between two clubs who probably only play against each other out of obligation to the competition.