While quite a lot of modern advertising is more about embedding a brand into our subconscious via perverse saturation, the current Pure Blonde ad is actually reminding many people that the beer still exists. When Pure Blonde first hit bottle shop shelves in 2004, it quickly established itself as the darling of the beer market, something a bit different from the usual CUB offerings and on par with activated almonds as a unique health food. 

However, the craft beer boom, combined with the fact that people eventually realised that beer isn’t a health food, has seen Pure Blonde fall from its short-lived perch. In recent years, Pure Blonde has disappeared from the consciousness of most beer lovers, apart from the occasional uncle who still tells his mates he bought it “because I need to trim the beer gut a bit”, and intermittent appearances on beer taps at suburban pubs with a truckload of pokies.

So the Pure Blonde television ad currently on our screens seems to be a last-ditched effort by marketers to restore some relevance to “Australia’s first low carb beer”. While the ad itself seems to ambitiously and misleadingly link a beer with an active lifestyle and a passion for health and fitness, most observers have simply noted “oh, do they still promote that stuff? I thought my Uncle Darren was the only dickhead who still got stuck into it?”