Clumsy workers all over Australia were alarmed by this morning’s news that ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby was fired after she was momentarily caught unawares on camera during a live news reading. While the ABC have since eased their stance following heavy backlash from viewers, the incident has sent shockwaves through a variety of industries, as workers prone to the occasional mental blank have spent most of today looking over their shoulders.

Speaking from his worksite this morning, apprentice electrician, Dan Blundell, said “geez, if that ABC News chick got the flick for inspecting the underside of her finger nails, I could be in real strife. She actually saved it pretty well if you ask me. If I stuff up at work someone usually gets zapped!”

While, Ben Stanos, an analyst at a local financial planning business said “I’m really gunna have to reconsider my behaviour at work. I mean the boss occasionally busts me on Facebook or Insta, but he never makes a big deal of it. If this poor girl is getting hauled over hot coals for her minor indiscretion, I’ll really have to watch my back.”