Following last month’s well publicised child crashing of a live television cross on BBC World, the Parents Who Work At Home Organisation Association Representatives (PWWAHOAR) have reported a disturbing spate of copycat attacks on hard working parents just trying to earn a living. The callus attack by Professor Robert Kelly’s children became a viral internet sensation early last month, with millions laughing at Kelly’s flustered surprise at the invaders in his home office, followed by the hasty entrance of his wife who dragged the children from the office. 

It seems that society’s current fascination of grabbing your 15 minutes of fame has spread to our very youngest, as toddlers have started barging into home offices to interrupt important work. The toddlers in question have coined the act a “workvasion”, bragging about their acts of domestic terrorism at playgrounds and childcare centres all over the world. The offenders don’t even seem to need a live television broadcast, video conference, or Skype call to crash, reportedly satisfied with just interrupting the answering of an email or the updating of a spreadsheet.

In response, PWWAHOAR has upgraded their distraction alert level to extreme. They have also placed “workvasions” in the same potential distraction risk category as menial household work, feasting on click bait, and covert masturbation.