Greensborough man, Gregory Draffle, has been completely “mind fucked” after his cousin’s best mate’s dad introduced himself at an Easter luncheon despite the two having met numerous times previously. The technique employed by the older man is widely known as the “Tracy Jordan mind fuck” after the popular 30 Rock character who discovered the technique and started to use it with colleagues in an attempt to unsettle them. 

Draffle is still reeling from the weekend’s slight, opening up to The Watsonia Bugle this week to share his distress. Speaking of the incident, Draffle said “I just can’t believe it. I’ve met the guy multiple times. Had a ciggie with him at his son’s wedding. I’ve been to his actual house… twice! For fuck’s sake I’ve stood by his BBQ with him and had a detailed discussion about the various ways of preparing and cooking meat. I thought we were close, and then he goes with the ‘nice to meet you’ bullshit. I’m devastated.”

Draffle’s cousin’s best mate’s dad was unavailable for comment.