Watsonia man, Brent Rickards, had an unrealistic faith in his ability to wrestle a crocodile, a fact that came to light on his recent holiday in Darwin. Rickards had taken his family to Darwin for the Easter holidays, enjoying some sight seeing and relaxation by the resort pool. 

On one of the last days of the trip, the family headed out to the Adelaide River for a crocodile boat cruise. In the hire car on the way out, Rickards regaled his children with a number of informative crocodile anecdotes, while his wife Rebecca sat in the passenger seat rolling her eyes at his fanciful assertations. 

According to Rebecca, “he was spinning so much shit. I mean he’d never been further north than Brisbane, and spent his entire childhood living in the relatively safe clime of the suburbs of Melbourne. Yet here he was telling the kids all these stories like he was friggin Mick Dundee. I’m pretty sure his entire understanding of crocodiles is based on the Steve Irwin DVD we have at home.”

Rebecca said that just before they arrived at the croc-infested river, “he started telling the kids how to manage a croc in a one-on-one confrontation. He was carrying on like he was handing down some precious family recipe. When we actually got in the boat and headed on down the river, his pathetic little chubby hands started shaking as the first croc approached our boat. Then he jumped in fear every single time our guide fed a croc with he chicken on the end of the stick. I’m 95% sure he actually peed a bit in his pants when one of the bigger crocs bumped into the side of the boat.”