As Victoria enters that awkward transitional phase between Summer and Winter, otherwise known as Autumn, locals are routinely making equally awkward fashion decisions. One such decision is the pairing of a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt with a beanie. 

Wintery conditions seemed to have hit suddenly in Victoria, after a Summer that lingered for as long as possible. This quick change has left a few unawares, keen to still show off their new t-shirt and/or their Summer gains despite the decreasing temperatures.

Never more so has this been on display than at Mothers Day functions across the state today. Keen to show off his summer-long gym commitment to family members at one more function before an unrelenting winter, Eltham man Dan Williams attended Mothers Day brunch earlier today in a tight fitting t-shirt. However, knowing they would be seated outside at the local cafe, Williams paired his tight t-shirt with a designer beanie in an ultimately failed attempt to maintain a reasonable core temperature. 

We here at The Watsonia Bugle aren’t claiming any fashion expertise but would like to make the following basic rules known to the local community:

  1. If it’s cold enough for a beanie, it’s too cold for a t-shirt
  2. If it’s cold enough for a scarf, it’s too cold for a t-shirt
  3. If it’s cold enough for long pants, it’s too cold for a singlet. 

Take heed and succeed.