Peter Bell has reportedly been angered by a brief yet fiery exchange with a spectator during tonight’s game between the West Coast Eagles and the Western Bulldogs at Domain Stadium in Perth. The spectator allegedly referred to Bell as “Sam Pang” while the 286-game veteran was performing his boundary riding duties for Channel 7. 

Witnesses said Bell “reacted poorly” to the comments, launching into a passionate response, yelling back at the fan “I’m a dual premiership player you pillock! Two time All Australian, AFL Life Member, and in the Australian Footy Hall of Fame. What did Pang do? A few games for the Collingwood U19s? He’s a cabbage. Show some respect ya jerk.”

While the fan in question was initially surprised by Bell’s volcanic reaction, he later acknowledged that maybe he had gone too far. “I was just trying to wind him up you know. I’m an Eagle and he was a Docker, so I just wanted to get under his skin. I mean right now, Pang is a much more relevant figure in footy than poor old Belly. I obviously touched a raw nerve.”