Hand-drawn banners emblazoned with “GB40” have been popping up all around Greensborough in recent weeks and The Watsonia Bugle has uncovered the secret message. It appears the banners are part of a low budget ambush marketing campaign to launch a new lubricant set to challenge the monopoly held by multi-purpose lubricant WD-40. 

The seemingly omnipresent banners have perplexed motorists across the region, with many speculating what they actually represent. This is the kind of money can’t buy word of mouth coverage that marketers dream of. And so, some time in the near future, we will see the official launch of “Greensborough 40” (commonly known as GB40), an extremely versatile lubricant which manufacturers insist can be used on almost any surface.

Industry experts remain sceptical about GB40’s ability to challenge the long-standing market leader WD-40. Lube commerce specialist Simon Walker said, “WD-40 is a unique case study because it holds such a strong monopoly over the multi-purpose lubricant market, and its brand presence is incredibly strong. Many challengers have come and gone, and nothing we’ve seen from GB40 so far suggests it will be any different.”