A hypocritical mother has condemned the new hand spinner fidget toy craze that is currently sweeping the nation. While negativity towards fidget toys is common amongst parents at the moment, the mother’s hypocrisy arises from the fact she is the first person to say her kids have too much screen time and need to work on their imagination. 

The inconsistency in her stance came to a head last night when her kids called her on it, eventually asking, “well what do you actually want us to do then Mum?” The question was met with dumb silence, before the mother replied, “oh I don’t know, go and clean your rooms”. 

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, the woman’s eldest son, who requested anonymity, said it was typical of his mum, “she’s always going on about how when she was a kid she played outside every night until nan called her in for dinner. But when I asked Uncle Steve about this he said it was bullshit. Apparently mum used to sit inside watching some povo show called Home & Away and would hog this odd telecommunication format called ‘the home phone’. Uncle Steve is always feeding us solid intel like this, he’s great.”

When contacted this morning for her response, the mother insisted she had no comment, but asked us to tell her son not to hurry home tonight after school.