Local council has raised eyebrows with a bold plan to turn a large roundabout into a football oval. The proposal, tabled at Parliament yesterday, involves transforming the large roundabout at the juncture of the Greensborough Bypass and Diamond Creek Road into a large recreation space for local junior athletes. 

The planning permit passed through parliament without a fuss, as the vast majority of politicians voting on its viability rarely venture outside of a 10-kilometre radius of the CBD. A spokesman for the council spruiked the idea as “the perfect utilisation of previously dormant land at a time when available land was become more complex to locate”. When asked about the significant issues surrounding the use of a roundabout as a sporting venue, the same spokesman replied, “all project have their issues. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the site and believe we can strategise any troubleshooting contingencies.”

Nearby resident Chris Pritchard said the plan was “at best, bizarre, and at worst, a public safety issue of mass proportion”. Pritchard raised issues of pedestrian access to the oval, parking, and balls being kicked onto the busy intersection. He said, “but they’ve even tried to spin those issues into positives by using big words that don’t necessarily mean what they think they mean. This project is already a disaster and they haven’t even had a ceremonial sod turn.”