Moves are afoot to change the name of Margaret Court Arena following yesterday’s letter to the editor (seen below) in The West Australian newspaper in which Court shared her plans to boycott a transport company due their support of same-sex marriage. Court used the public forum to announce that, despite her “extensive travelling”, she will now be boycotting Qantas due to their active promotion of same-sex marriage. The letter, in which Court also provides an unsolicited reference to her win/loss record in tennis matches for Australia, has received widespread condemnation on social media since being published yesterday. 

Melbourne Park management have moved swiftly to distance themselves from Court, announcing this morning that Margaret Court Arena will now be known as ‘Don’t Be a Dickhead Arena’, effective immediately. The overpaid marketing team who announced the change this morning told media outlets that the new name “resonates strongly with the larrikin attitude that Australians so readily align themselves with”. 

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after the announcement, an anonymous member of the marketing team said, “we just had to remove ourselves from the severe brand damage that Margaret has been doing to herself. And, to be honest, it’s a great opportunity to leverage the incident to improve our own brand image. Not to mention the social media traction this announcement will give us. It’s so great that we can get some free coverage over this, I mean, sorry… it’s so great that we can take a positive stance on such an important issue in society. Can you edit that last bit?” 

The move has reportedly shaken Court, who seemed blissfully unaware of the media storm that would follow her public letter. And by choosing such an old fashioned method to share her views, Court lost the opportunity to delete the letter like most celebrities do when they stuff up on social media. It could also be argued that she erred by including her post noms “AO” and “MBE” on her letter, just in case we mistook her for that other Margaret Court who “represented Australia many times” and has “the proud record of never losing a tennis match while playing for my country”.

Early reactions to the new venue name have been positive, with the only negative response being that it may exclude members of the Fanatics supporter group. But if you think that’s a bad thing, you’re probably a dickhead too.  

P.S. Margie, what’s with the “kangaroo tail” reference? Did you mean “The Flying Kangaroo”?