A major inconsistency between number of people criticising other drivers in the wet and number of people actually driving poorly in the wet has been revealed after an extensive study on local road use. For many years now in Melbourne, a commonly accepted phenomenon has been that “when it rains people just forget how to drive”. 

Yet study revealed that the percentage of drivers who use that term was 83% and the percentage of people who actually do drive worse in wet conditions was 71%. Without giving you a full maths lesson, that means that if 83 people out of 100 tell you that nobody knows how to drive in the wet, at least 54 of those people are gigantic hypocrites. 

The study, which was conducted over a full 12-month period, paired water cooler conversation surveillance with actual on-road driving technique analysis to come up with damning results. So next time someone tells you that people don’t know how to drive cars on wet roads, ask yourself whether that person is a dirty rotten hypocrite who is trigger happy on their brakes.