Reports are surfacing in South East Queensland that Schapelle Corby has celebrated her return to Australia with a long awaited boogie board session at Burleigh Heads. Corby slipped past the heavy media throng gathered outside her Brisbane hotel and headed for the coast just after dawn this morning. 

Fellow board riders and epic wave searchers noted her presence out past the breakers but in true surfer style didn’t make a big fuss of it, instead offering understated nods and knowing smiles. Back on dry land, some of the fellow salt dogs said that Corby spoke to some of them, and at one point loudly inhaled the sea air, let out a big exhale and said, “ah this is the shit, it’s been a long time coming!”

After a solid two-hour stint in the water, Corby headed back to a waiting car and was ferried back to Brisbane to make her next move into freedom.