A Watsonia North man launched a withering tirade at the local council earlier this week after what he deemed an inappropriate street sweeping schedule. While his grievances were many and varied, they centred around two main issues – the early timing of Monday morning’s sweeping and the fact that sweepers always seem to arrive when his car is parked on the street. 

The man, Jack Brindle jumped online early on Monday morning and posted a lengthy complaint on his local council’s Facebook page. While parts of the vent are unprintable in a publication as reputable as The Watsonia Bugle, some key points included, “why the hell would you sweep the streets at 6.30am when the vast majority of people still have there [sic] cars parked on the street?! Why not wait until the middle of the day when people’s cars are parked away from their houses?”

By late yesterday the post had garnered some attention on Facebook, but 10% of the comments were just that photo of Michael Jackson eating popcorn in a cinema during the filming of his ‘Thriller’ music video. Sentiments in the remaining comments were mixed, with some supporting Brindle, while others told him to “get a life”. The council in question encouraged Brindle to contact their complaints line, rather than post the grievance on such a public forum in a supposed attempt to grab a few cheap likes.