The original creator of those omnipresent baby milestone cards has admitted that despite the considerable profitability of his popular invention he now regrets unleashing it on society. What originally began as a clever money spinner has now become a social media phenomenon, so much so that many people are now sick of it and have begun sending the creator nasty hate mail. 

The cards are printed with a variety of milestones, such as first roll over, first crawl, and pretty much every single age you can think of – e.g. 5 days, 8 days, 27 weeks, and 1,440 hours. The idea behind the cards is simple: put your living snot machine in its best outfit, arrange some props around them like a semi-professional photo shoot, take 27 photos until they smile, throw on a heavy Instagram filter, and then post the image to every social media account you own.

Fraser Quinlan, the creator of these profitable pieces of cardboard was initially thrilled by the success of his work, but is now ashamed of what he has done to society. He said, “at first I was so happy. I made a motza, got a new car, new house, new wife, it was great. But now I see them everywhere. This must be what Kings Of Leon felt like when every radio station on earth played the shit out of ‘Sex on Fire’. I’m now seen as a one trick pony but I’ve actually achieved plenty of other successes in my graphic design career.”