The person who dresses up as a giant takeaway coffee cup every morning and dances by the side of the Greensborough Highway has reported a higher than average level of job satisfaction. The Watsonia Employees Association (WEA) surveyed hundreds of employees in the local area and the person inside the giant coffee cup has landed very high on the list.

The giant coffee cup dances on the nature strip of Greensborough Highway every morning of the working week in an attempt to entice caffeine loving motorists into the drive through coffee shop just a few hundred metres down the road. Its presence has become iconic to the area, and it is in serious consideration to become a bona fide Diamond Valley celebrity. 

While the person would not reveal their identity (the first rule of mascot club is to never break character), they said the role ticked all three boxes from the holy trinity of job satisfaction:

  1. Opportunity for creative expression.
  2. Support and recognition from management.
  3. Chance to have a bit of fun. 

Speaking through a voice synthesiser to further protect their identity, the coffee cup said, “It’s just a great job, best I’ve ever had. I have flexible working conditions, the uniform is cool, I can squeeze a bit of exercise into my work time, I bring joy to other people’s lives, and I even get free coffee! People say it must be cold out here on these winter mornings, but the suit is well insulated so I’m actually quite warm in here. And look, the early morning start was a bit rough at first, but I’m finished by 8.30am and have the rest of the day to myself. It really suits my lifestyle.” 

Here at The Watsonia Bugle we salute you giant coffee cup. Keep up the good work, we love what you’re doing!