A Melbourne-based newspaper has taken a bold gamble that its audience has a sound knowledge of angles and degrees. In a creative attempt to fit an impressive photo of Jeremy Howe’s towering screamer from yesterday’s Melbourne versus Collingwood match, the paper has spread the image across its front and back covers, telling readers Howe’s mark was “so high you need to rotate the paper 90 degrees and unfold”. 

However, the relatively simple instruction has been lost on many readers, especially Collingwood supporters who will naturally be drawn to the image because it fits their one-eyed focus. Magpie supporter forums have been flooded with criticism of the cover, with many seemingly confused by the request to rotate the cover by 90 degrees. Username ‘SideBySide’ wrote, “Has anyone seen the Herald Sun today? 90 degrees?! What are they talking about? It’s bloody winter. We’re lucky to get to 15 degrees ffs!” 

Education analysts have also weighed in to the debate. Education consultant Greg Maher said, “this particular newspaper normally writes their articles to a Grade 6 reading level to accommodate their audience, yet NAPLAN results indicate that students don’t fully grasp angles and degrees until they are in secondary school. Based on that fact alone, it’s no wonder that many readers have been confused by this morning’s cover.”