Emboldened by the footy media’s obsession with Essendon this week, one optimistic Bombers fan has applied for annual leave during Grand Final week so he can really soak in the atmosphere of his side’s first Grand Final appearance in 16 years. Essendon’s current run of good form, rewarded on the weekend with its entrance into the Top 8, has prompted several media outlets to run articles and push content about why the Bombers can win the flag this year. 

While this commentary is somewhat premature, and possibly accelerated by the quiet bye rounds, it hasn’t stopped many Bombers fans from getting caught up in the hysteria and dreaming big. Having endured multiple years of pain courtesy of the club’s catastrophic injection regime, these fans can be excused for jumping the shark a little and overusing the club sanctioned hashtag of #ComebackStory. 

However, even with that recent history in mind, Dan Johnson’s annual leave application has drawn criticism from both his work colleagues and his 78 Twitter followers. Johnson boldly tweeted a photo of his leave application yesterday accompanied by #ComebackStory and #DonTheSash. This morning he said, “I’ve copped a fair bit of flack for my belief in the boys. But you know, we’ve won a few in a row, the boys are hungry after last year’s absence, and I really think we can ‘do a Bulldogs’ this year and win the flag. 

“So of course I want to have a few days off work in the build up. There’ll be Brownlow night on the Monday, in which Zachy Merrett will most likely take Charlie home. There’ll be training during the week that I can attend. And then there’s the big Grand Final parade on the Friday. I even requested the following Monday off work so I can really let me hair down at the Family Day on the Sunday. It’ll be a really good week. I can’t wait.”