Yesterday’s announcement of Elle Macpherson’s divorce from billionaire husband Jeff Soffer has sent shockwaves as far as Watsonia after a local man made an awkward comment to his own wife over dinner last night. Married father of three, Jim Tancredi, ruined last night’s dinner with his family after he said to his wife, “Did you hear Elle Macpherson got divorced today? You better watch out love, I might make a move on her.” 

The comment was initially met with silence, before Tancredi’s wife launched a fiery volley, questioning her husband’s suitability as a life partner for “The Body” – referencing his financial status, physical fitness, fashion taste, personality, and facial structure. The Tancredi children were shocked by the response, with the couple’s 12-year-old son quoting Ron Burgundy under his breath noting, “that escalated quickly”. 

The remainder of the dinner was eaten in silence, before Jim attempted to ease the tension by coming up behind his wife while she was doing the dishes, giving her an unrequited hug, and saying, “C’mon love, I was only joking”. His wife’s response of, “yeah well I wasn’t” further intensified the scene, and the house remained mostly silent for the rest of the night.