We’ve all done it – handed over a $20 note for an item that costs $15.70 before saying “oh, wait a minute, I think I’ve got the 70 cents” and then rummaging around in your wallet for the correct amount of silver. And while we like to pretend that we’re doing it for the benefit of the cashier, a recent study suggests that we’re only doing it for ourselves.

The study, conducted by a leading retailers association, analysed the benefit to retail outlets of being given the correct coinage for a sale. The findings indicated that the benefit is marginal at best and, in some cases, can actually be a disadvantage to the cashier’s float. So it seems that customers are only doing this to avoid a pocket full of coins. 

Checkout chick Sally Martonich said, “It’s the worst, and customers always do it after you’ve already entered the payment amount into the register. So it actually creates more work for us. And then they act all noble and shit, like they’re doing me a favour. But really they just don’t want to get a fistful of coins back. I’m like, use bloody payWave you tight arse!”